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January 2017

Pronostico Astrologico Semana 24/01/17

Mercurio finalmente sale de su sombra invitandonos a continuar sin excusas, y la Luna Nueva en Acuario nos trae el regalo del Año del Gallo Rojo. Descubre cómo las próximas 6 semana pueden transforma tu vida en nuestra conversación de hoy.

Angel of Virgo/Virgo 2017

ANGEL OF DISCIPLINE Discipline is the acceptance and obedience of rules. Your best fruit harvested when you follow with acceptance the signs and guides that the angels communicate through your intuition. When you obey those voices, your entire Being is put at the service of… Read More »Angel of Virgo/Virgo 2017

Angel of Leo / Leo 2017

Angel of July. Every moment we are creating angels, this week we have the ability to infuse their strength into every month of the year. This is a gift from my mother to you. Happy 2017. ANGEL OF BALANCE. The balance is achieved through understanding… Read More »Angel of Leo / Leo 2017

Angel Cancer / Cancer 2017

ANGEL OF INSPIRATION. Inspiration is the product of raising your vibrations to a level that facilitates communication with your angels and allows you to discover happiness and beauty. in everything you do. Affirmation: I HAVE PERMANENT CONTACT WITH MY ANGELS. ÁNGEL DE LA INSPIRACIÓN. La… Read More »Angel Cancer / Cancer 2017

Angel Gemini / Géminis 2017

ANGEL OF INTERDEPENDENCE. Interdependence is a concept more advanced than independence. You are interdependent when you know that you are capable and yet you understand that your ability increases when working as a team, when you know internally what you are worth and in spite… Read More »Angel Gemini / Géminis 2017

Angel Taurus / Tauro 2017.

ANGEL OF ACTION. Action is inevitable, even if we try to be still, a part will always be in action. Action comes from life. Act according to your nature, according to your principles, without feeling attachment and with full awareness of your action. Affirmation: MY… Read More »Angel Taurus / Tauro 2017.