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Our lives are shaped by complex family dynamics that often go unnoticed behind the everyday challenges we face in different areas of our lives. My coaching sessions are designed to help you identify and make sense of these patterns, so that you can enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

In each session, we will work together to tackle the challenges you’re facing and develop strategies to support you in transitioning from a state of challenge to a state of opportunity. Using a unique blend of tools that are customized to your specific needs, personal story, and goals, I will guide you through this process.

My coaching is completely interactive and takes place in real-time, where we will start by exploring the topics that you want to focus on. Whether you’re struggling with personal or professional issues, my aim is to help you gain clarity, build confidence, and achieve your goals.

It is a novel technique that allows us to see the hidden information that travels in our families from generation to generation (family secrets), and that may be currently blocking us in our lives. Seeing and accepting this information offers the opportunity to free ourselves from these unconscious obligations, thus beginning a process of deep healing.

We not only inherit genetic information such as skin or eye color, diseases, specific talents, etc.; both physical and mental characteristics. We also receive information on those unresolved conflicts or stories that have been kept hidden due to much pain, such as murders, abortions, unrecognized children, relatives excluded for different reasons, etc.

These unresolved issues, as well as the injustices committed within the system, can unconsciously affect the lives of predecessor generations, manifesting as chronic illnesses, suicide, depression, drugs, difficulty in having a partner, work, money, self-esteem, etc. A session begins when a person wants to clarify a specific issue in their life. A group of people who will support representing the system meets. This person presents his topic to the group and from here, and guided by his intuition, he chooses different members of the group as representatives of the people who make up his family structure. He then places and relates the representatives in the center of the room. Once this is done, the constellation comes to life so that the representatives begin to feel the emotions, fears and desires of the people they represent.

If the session is done individually, small dolls or objects will be used instead of people, creating a similar dynamic and similar results. With this method the origin of the disorder comes to light. In an admirable and surprising way, the true history of the family is manifested and expressed by seeing it clearly for the first time. The coordinator guides people to a final constellation where each one takes the responsibility that corresponds to them. These sessions can also be carried out with special dolls or objects in the case of not having other people.

These constellations not only explain and solve individual cases, they also allow us to understand the invisible laws that govern our relationships and the dynamics of our countries.

Astrogenialogy is one of the newest branches of Astrology that is born from the fusion of it with Family Constellations.

Each zodiac sign brings in itself the information of the program that the soul will reveal in our lives, by making it conscious in the Present we can understand its purpose and put it at the service of our Being and of life.

The zodiac represents the twelve chests of destiny, and it is through our journey through life that we open each one of them to create a complete masterpiece.