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With these technologies, let’s discover together the dynamics that support or limit you in any area of your life. Together we find the best ways to support you to be happy. By putting order our perception changes and we can see the answers where they have been waiting for us.

The Solar Return shows us how the road is aspected from the date of your birthday. In this way we can support the gifts that are presented to us, and create strategies to solve the challenges to come.

These sessions can be done in person or by video call.


A session begins when a person wants to clarify a specific issue in his life. In my private sessions I use tools such as astrology, dolls, and meditations, among others, that help us discover the origin of your challenge in the roots of your family history. The ultimate goal is to restore what was excluded due to lack of love. In this way we can take the responsibility that our lives require to live it to our full potential.

Each session ends with exercises to be done at home. We can do it in person or by video call.


In the first session we will consider the conflict that is leading you to seek help. In the next sessions we will discover together the strategies to follow and the resources that the system offers us in order to achieve the change and order that we are looking for. We will use tools such as Systemic Astrology and Family Constellations among others. They can be done both in person and via video chat.

It is important to have an ally who supports you in creating strategies to obtain the well-being you want. Minimum 10 sessions.


Through this consultation, parents will understand even more about the personality of their children, their relationship with them and their partner. They will discover their psychological type, talents, needs and anxieties to support them in building the best future for themselves. We can do this in person or by video chat.


It is the analysis of two people related by the energy of love: parents and children, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, etc. The study will reveal the forces that unite them, the essence of this relationship and the deep learning that is activated as a result of their union. We will discover how to guide the energies for their success. Together we will find the meaning of love. We can do this in person or by video chat.


In today’s competitive world, our businesses have to always be one step ahead, this analysis will support you with this. Having a better management of employees, clear goals, firm purposes and assertive strategies are steps that always achieve success. Remember the company’s potentials and talents while we turn the problems that limit them today into allies. The growth and success of our companies is based on teamwork and common ideals. We can do this in person or video chat.