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Eli familia

The challenge of being born a girl, an then, little by little, blossoming into a woman, a mother, an aunt, a teacher, a friend, a grand mother and a wonderful force to life is something that we wetness every day, but , when we open our heart, as i did the past week, and let this in, suddenly we discover the secret of the big bang right in front of us.

Today the universe wakes up honoring the female power. This extraordinary force that creates and nurtures everything this week gets its engines empower with the long awaited Grand Sextile.

The Grand Sextile is a six pointed start figure made of two triangles, looking like a David start, composed of seven planets all on feminine signs (Water and Earth). This Emphasis symbolizes the conscious return of feminine energy to the planet.

This is a gift from heaven symbolizing the birth of a new special being. It is a present to help us regain the equilibrium ( ecological, sociopolitical and spiritual) that is out of balance within us now

Today i vow to the female power. I feel bless for each woman in my life. Now more, after expending an extraordinary week with my friend Eli. Thank you for being an inspiration as a person, friend, wife and mother, and her daughters Laura an Eloisa, thank you for each hug, kiss and moment of anger, all priceless. An of course Enrique, her husband, the MAN.

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