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3 moves that can change your life.

Family Constellations
Family Constellations

Every family system is made up of two main lineages, the masculine and the feminine. Both forces move within us as rivers creating new spaces for life.

The male lineage is represented by all the men who have belong to our family system , mainly our Father. It has a main function, to give. The problems happen when we share for the sake of applause and recognition. This can affect our business, finances, reputation , and of course in our ability to serve others.

One way to restore the lost order of this lineage is to give anonymously, that is, go and support a person or institution without anyone knowing that you did it, without anyone thanking you.

The female lineage is represented by all the women who have belonged to the system, mainly our Mother. This lineage has as main function, to receive. The mess manifests when we receive and take from this world and from others without ever considering someone else’s needs. This is immediately reflected in problems that has to do with relationships and love, in the development of our community and country.

One way to restore this energy is to leave our comfort zone and look at the hearts of others, see what happens beyond yourself, ask how you can contribute to everyone’s well-being with everything you receive. “Love your neighbor…”

Now, there is another kingdom that we belong to before becoming adults, the kingdom of children.

Children are the beginning, the seed, the potential of everything that will be already exists in a baby. Many times we do not give it the necessary importance, but this is where everything begins. The danger of this kingdom is to believe that minor infractions are not a big deal, ” I took just a penny,” “I ate only a piece of bread,” “it’s just a little dust.” Small actions accumulate and that is where our ego and behavior gets corrupted. The consequences of this kingdom have implications in everything.

The way to restore order here is to be impeccable in the smallest details, even more so when nobody sees us.

This action can not only heal traumas of childhood, but also the other two previous lineages.

Each one has these three active forces at all times. It is in observing what we are doing and its consequences, and in creating the healing movement that will lead us to unite ourselves to a force even greater than ourselves, and to live in the miracle of being happy now.

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