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Tree Wise Men, the path to the Heart.

family constellations
family constellations

The Kings are here, called by all magicians, sages, priests and astrologers. In fact for many today is celebrated the Day of the Astrologer.


Congratulations to everyone with whom I share this exciting learning path, to my teachers, and to all my clients that for years have given me the honor of growing together.


Now come with me and understand what this story is really about:


The crown of the kings symbolizes the courage of having taken the destiny into their hands. While life is received or inherited, there comes a time when you have to become the absolute responsible of it and follow your own star.


Mystically this crown of a thousand petals is called Kether or crown chakra, the one that connects us with the highest levels of consciousness. We all have one.


The kings give to the newborn the fruits of knowledge such as incense, gold and myrrh, which are the expression of the holy trinity of the body, mind and soul.


In the story there are also the shepherds, simple people with a heart connected to nature. When they adore The Child, they offer him the foods of life: milk, fruits, wool and a lamb.


The star represents the illumination, the inner light, the elimination of ignorance. However, shortly before reaching the goal, the kings lose the star and have to restart the search again, this happens to all of us so many times. That is when they go to the shepherds, and are going to be the men of the heart who guide them the last stretch to the manger.


Here the wisdom: the mind takes us very far, now, it is with the heart that we take the last step.


And something else … many times to get to the heart we have to get lost…


A man with Wisdom and without a Heart is nobody. A man with a Heart and without Wisdom is nobody. Remember it.


Let’s continue dancing on this tasty dance called life!

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