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First 12 days of Aries challenge.

image2The twelve days after the connection between the New Moon and the Sun in Aries are very important since we are going to plant what we will harvest through the year. Each day represents a different month of the Zodiac, and presents us with something unique we need to overcome. Our choices and behavior will influence what will experience in the next 12 month to come.

The idea is to go beyond our reactive system as possible, this way we can free ourselves from what is holding us back from getting the entire fulfillment we want in life.

From Friday, and the next eleven days, I will be sharing with you the consciousness for each day / month, the challenges to overcome, and the meditation.

Take into account that for this challenge the day begins at sunset and ends in the evening of the next, for instance a day will go from 6:25 PM of one day to 6:23 Pm of the next. This is based on the consciousness that life always begins in the dark; in the womb, inside an egg, into the ground. The light is born out of darkness.

I want to thank infinitely the Kabbalah Centre of New York City for all the wisdom I will be sharing with you in the coming days.

Stay tone!


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