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DAY 13, Transcending the 12 signs.

For the last 12 days, we took the task of transforming the reactive nature that each sign has, connecting with a more powerful consciousness.
The 13th day, powerful number, will take us beyond the influence of the signs. Do this exercise:
Sit and look at what was the most important thing you learned the past few days—what do you really take into your heart? Now imagine that you’re going to share this with a seven-year-old child. You might use simple and precise words.
Now write a letter: imagine that you are going to send this to yourself when you were that age. Be creative.
Later, put it in an envelope and imagine that tomorrow he or she will get it. Visualize the importance of this letter and how it will transform that child’s life and yours today. Put it under your pillow and read it tomorrow first thing.
With this exercise, you will sow a seed into your inner child , a new consciousness that you will see grow in the coming months.
Mine says something very simple: “Do not take anything personal. Enjoy and share.”

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