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International Women’s Day.

power love madre
power love madre

The woman is SHEJNÁ, the feminine aspect of God. The woman governs the flow of energy of life. It is the LIGHT of the world. A woman who does not use her energy for the purpose of building, automatically destroys. There is no middle point.

All embryos begin as a woman in the early stages of gestation. In our being the feminine energy feeds the life while nourishing the bond of union of relationships. Their mission is to welcome the Light and allow it to entry into our homes and communities.

Women who have integrated their creative force abandon the role of “victim” forever. The first step to getting out of trouble is to take responsibility for yourself. Become more proactive and dynamic. A “victim” woman disconnects from her source of power and loses herself.

Today, on the International Women’s Day, let us honor our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and friends and open a space to the feminine in our hearts.

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